Here are some of the questions that prospective clients ask us regularly. However if you have a question that is not addressed here please give our helpful customer support team a call on
01202 814963 or use the form to submit your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver 7 days per week.

Do you charge for delivery?

Deliveries within 7km of our base in Three Legged Cross are free. Deliveries further out may incur a charge. Visit our Deliveries page for more information. 

What times do you deliver?

Deliveries are from 11:30am – 1:30pm 

How are the meals delivered?

Meals are delivered either hot or chilled on a tray, which can be decanted onto a plate in your home if you prefer. For customers who want to eat their meal at a different time, meals can be delivered chilled, to be re-heated and eaten later.

Why do you deliver in a foil container?

There are several reasons our hot meals are now delivered in a foil container

  1. It retains heat better, so your hot meal stays hot
  2. It keeps all the food tidily in the container
  3. It is more sanitary

All our chilled meals are still delivered on ceramic plates

You can also request your hot meal delivered on a ceramic plate if you would prefer.

What areas do you cover?

The whole of BCP (Bournemouth/Christchurch/Poole) plus Dorset and into Hampshire. Visit our Deliveries page to see our delivery radius or Contact us to see if we can deliver to you.

If I need to cancel my order, how much notice must I give?

Ideally 24 hours notice if possible in order not to be charged 

What is the cut off for orders for the following week?

Friday for the following week’s orders

Do you cater for allergies?

Yes we do just make us aware when ordering from us or joining us as a new customer

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes we do and have a great range of choices for vegetarians 

Do you deliver at Christmas?

We do an advance delivery on Christmas eve for your Christmas dinner and boxing day meal 

How do I pay?

Every week by card, cash, direct debit or bank transfer.

Do I have to place a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.

Do I have to sign into a contract?

No, we have no contracts for customers, but most people have a repeating pattern, up to 7 days a week, and we can ensure a meal is delivered regardless of whether or not an order has been received.