Terms and Conditions

Hot Lunchtime Meal Delivery Service


  1. Whilst a “one-off” meal order is possible, for most customers using our service, the need is on-going. A discussion will have taken place when first registering, when the customer needs are discussed and an agreement made to supply meals, which may be for 7 days per week, or for selected days.
  2. Only sufficient personal details are taken and recorded, necessary to effectively deliver the service. See our GDPR Policy for details of confidentiality issues.
  3. Dietary requirements, allergy details, food intolerances and food preferences are also recorded, in order to provide the best and safest service.
  4. Meal orders are organised on a weekly basis, Monday through Sunday.
  5. Orders for new customers will normally be taken by telephone or email and will cover the current week and the following week.
  6. Thereafter, an order form for meals in a particular week, is normally delivered, by our driver, with one of the meals (normally on a Friday). This order form is for, not the following week, but the week after that.
  7. Having received an order form, normally on a Friday, the completed form can be returned, via the driver, ideally as early as possible during the next week. Orders can also be placed by telephone or by email.
  8. The final date to confirm an order is by end of business Wednesday (for the next week starting Monday).
  9. If order details have not been received by start of business Thursday, meals for the week will be arranged, based on the normal pattern, normal choices and dietary needs.
  10. Any changes (by telephone or email), can be made up to 48 hours before the meal delivery. For clarity, this effectively means by the close of business 2 days before the delivery date.
  11. Meals are paid for in arrears. We don’t ask for a deposit or payment in advance.
  12. We understand that cancellations are sometimes inevitable for many reasons, sometime sudden hospitalisation for example. Cancellations can be accepted up until 9:00 am on the day of the meal. Any later cancellation means that we will still have to charge for the meal.
  13. Customisation of meals is possible to accommodate likes and dislikes, by means of substitution or deletion. If for example, rice or boiled or roast potatoes or particular vegetables is preferred to a combination in a particular menu choice, we can make a substitution provided that the item is one which is being prepared that day for another menu item. Deletions can always be made.

Only one meals size is offered, which is a portion size that from many years of experience we know to be suitable for the overwhelming majority of customers. For anyone with a healthy appetite, on request, we can add extra vegetables at no extra cost.